Fundraising : an easy donation collection on Prizle

Fundraising : an easy donation collection on Prizle

Prizle for your non-profit fundraising

You are responsible for an association and want to collect donations? Prizle enables you to raise funds easily and freely.

Prizle is a leading fundraising platform for associations. Partner of many e-shops, the platform manages to earn commissions on all online purchases it initiates. These commissions are then redistributed to non profits. Our Prizle users therefore make a proxy but transparent donation during their online purchases, without spending an extra penny.

Many associations already trust us for their fundraising.

Help us change the way people give

With Prizle and the development of our solidarity shopping platform, we finally succeeded in imagining how to raise funds on the basis of free donations from our non profit supporters.

L’objectif premier de Prizle est très simple : lever les freins principaux au don en France (notamment le manque de moyens financiers) et à l’engagement bénévole dans une association (notamment le manque de temps). N’hésitez donc pas à diffuser le plus largement possible votre collecte de fonds et à nous aider à changer la façon dont les gens donnent.

Free, easy and entirely transparent.

On Prizle, it is free to raise funds.

Fundraising on Prizle does not cost you anything but will bring donations to your non-profit organization.

On Prizle, it is easy to raise funds.

You just have to sign up and have your association validated so that online buyers can trigger donations.

On Prizle, fundraising amounts are transparent

You can check the amount and the history of your fundraising on your dashboard any time you need to.

Raise funds in 3 steps

Join Prizle

Register your association online : we will integrate it to Prizle if confirmed.

Online purchases deliver funds

Your supporters select your association on Prizle and start a commission off on every purchase. Take the benefit and encourage them to participate!

You receive a donation

We transfer you the resulting amount of your supporters transactions.


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