Donation : share without any extra expense on Prizle

Donation : share without any extra expense on Prizle

Donation: your gift is valuable.

Associations are fighting every day alongside those who need to be helped or defended, while others work to beautify our everyday life or our future. These associations can not do their work without a financial support from their members and supporters: they need to find funds to continue to speak and act on their behalf and to keep helping the most deprived.

Prizle is the simpliest way we found to support an association or a NGO in its mission, because donating or raising funds on Prizle costs absolutely nothing, not even time! Online purchases on our e-shops partners generate commissions that are transformed into donations to causes. Thanks to the number of users, Prizle can provide non-profits with a substancial source of funding. So let's share!

Donation: turn your acts of consumption into free gestures of sharing and solidarity.

Do you buy online? Then take advantage to make a free donation!

Prizle collects donations when you are shopping online by obtaining commissions on each purchase from retailers websites and by redistributing them to the various supported causes. The smallest part contributes to cover the operating costs of the platform while the rest belongs to associations. Everything is transparent: you can view the amount of the gift donated by Prizle in your dashboard anytime you want.

Easy, free and entirely transparent.

With Prizle, you make a donation for free

Giving on Prizle does not cost you anything but will provide funds to a cause that needs it.

With Prizle, it is easy to make a donation..

You do your online shopping as usual, and just connect to Prizle before.

Prizle is transparent on the donation amount.

you can check your donation amount and history whenever you want.

3 steps to make a donation

Sign up or sign in to Prizle and select the cause you want to support

Shop online

When connected, you can shop on any of our e-shop partner

… and generate donation !

Your purchases induce commissions that we turn into donation and that we give to your favorite cause. It is free!


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