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The Montessori Association of France, founded in 1950, is an association law 1901 of general interest, affiliated to the Montessori International Association (AMI). Independent of any political or religious movement, the AMF is part of the international Montessori movement.

MISSIONS The AMF works to defend the rights of the child by highlighting the natural laws of its development as well as its basic needs. It promotes the philosophy initiated by Maria Montessori, at the origin of an education conceived as an "aid to life". The AMF also aims to develop the Montessori movement in France and to help the recognition of Montessori establishments.

ACTIONS The AMF seeks to unite French Montessori institutions and offers them a quality charter. The AMF supports Montessori institutions, organizes reflection and collaboration days for Montessori directors and educators. She organizes and participates in conferences, conferences and training sessions for professionals and parents.

In parallel, the AMF is developing partnerships with education stakeholders and research groups. To carry out its missions, the AMF needs you! The denser the Montessori movement, the more weight we will have to highlight the natural laws of child development.

"The great social mission of ensuring the child justice, harmony and love, remains to be accomplished. This important task goes to education. It's our only way to build a new world and build peace. »Maria MONTESSORI

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