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Since 2017, and the start of the "project Handigamer" we have worked to provide solutions tailored to gamers throughout France and to Belgium.

In early 2019, after a lot of work on the possibilities to industrialize our products (accelerator program Toulon Var Technologies, prize of the jury of the CIC Esports Business Awards, winner of the entrepreneurship Network Var) we are continuing our work to innovate, manufacture and market solutions parameterized.

But this is not enough for us. We also want to keep in touch with gamers, and, if possible, to see and to invite to events, esports, fairs, tournaments, amateur everywhere, or we will be able to be present.

It is in this objective that we decided to create the association Handigamers, Esports & Events.

Our first sponsors have responded to this, we will be able to invite gamers in situation of disability on a number of major events in 2019, the help in helping with travel costs, housing, or other logistical problem related to the disability.

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