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The mission of La Tablée des Chefs is to nourish people in need and develop the culinary education of the young. We mobilize the leaders and professionals of the kitchen on two axes :
- FEED : We fight against food waste by working with the professionals of the hospitality industry to the recovery and redistribution of surplus food to the associations of food aid, in the fight against hunger.
- EDUCATE : We educate the future generations to a healthy and sustainable diet, through workshops of culinary education in children's homes and secondary schools, to develop the food autonomy of future generations.

La Tablée des Chefs wants to intervene to break the cycle of food insecurity so that the children who now have a reduced access to the universe of the kitchen can tomorrow to have food self-sufficiency and knowledge of culinary that they can in turn pass on.

Through our " Educate ", La Tablée des Chefs engages the future generations in a healthy and sustainable diet. Through workshops led by professional chefs, we enable young people to develop cooking skills. The main objective is to develop the food autonomy of young people in difficulty or in a precarious situation : to give young people the power to act on their power, teaching them the basic techniques of the kitchen, the principles of a healthy and balanced diet, and exposing them to the trades of the kitchen to give birth to vocations.

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