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On each of our intervention sites, we carry out all or part of the following activities :
Exploration, research and studies : because our knowledge of the living world are still very fragmented and that'one only protects what one knows", we organize missions of exploration and scientific research, we are conducting sociological surveys - in collaboration with international research institutes - in order to improve the knowledge on the biodiversity, on the history of human settlement and environmental issues, and societal premises. Knowledge, which are essential data to define the programs of development and conservation are best adapted to the local context and as arguments to convince the governments of the countries concerned to classify these natural areas, unique biological heritage or archaeological.

Education and awareness-raising : because children are the future, we are committed to providing them with the means to learn and better understand the issues of climate and environmental (species interactions, water cycle, role of the soil, the forest, the services rendered by biodiversity, etc). We build infrastructure (schools, libraries, kitchen gardens and school canteens, etc) and we are developing teaching materials, such as suitcases, educational, flyers, films, information panels. With the help of these tools, we organize and conduct awareness workshops to the attention of children but also of adults.

Economic development : because the natural habitat can only be protected when the surrounding population to live decently, we assist the local communities towards a new model of economic dynamics, protecting both the forest and its inhabitants. We are building and income-generating activities based on the preservation and enhancement of natural resources and enabling communities to live a decent life on their land, and their land. We train them as well to beekeeping, ecotourism, agro-ecology, agro-forestry, etc

Reforestation and climate change mitigation : because forests provide services irreplaceable only capable of guaranteeing the sustainability of life, because they allow you to store a large part of the carbon in the atmosphere, we plant trees in deforested areas. Of endemic trees species but also of species useful in everyday life for the local people (timber, wood, fast growing for cooking and heating, essences, herbal essences honey to improve the returns of the bee yards, or fruit trees). These carbon sinks, we propose to associate cookers to top performance every household to consume much less wood .

Classification of protected Area : the protected areas are essential to the survival of many species and because less than 20 % of the key biodiversity areas of the planet are now protected, we work on the ranking of our sites of intervention in Protected Area and World Heritage of the Humanity. To do this, we are working to be taken into account by the States concerned of the wealth of biological and cultural territories outstanding on which we operate and their economic and ecological value.

In France, because that wonder is the first step towards respect and because we only protect what we love, we act also in the field of environmental awareness by awakening to knowledge of the world, in the respect of the living and the issues related to the preservation of ecosystems and sustainable management of natural resources, sharing the many beauties of nature and the fascinating discoveries of our shipments. To do this, we produce media (films, photos, reports, exhibitions, books, webdocs...) made from the contents acquired in our expeditions. We distribute these media and their messages to the greatest number via television, radio, the web, but also through the organization or participation in events and cultural events and educational such as public conferences or in business, exhibitions, school-based interventions, etc

Finally, we organize missions of eco-volunteer process provides open to all to come help us in practice on our sites of intervention to the achievement of our conservation activities, scientific research and development.

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