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Public Montessori wishes to act locally with each teacher and at the same time working to establish a dialogue with the ministry of national Education in order to open up the French school to more diversity, and to enable class and school volunteers to practice in excellence, the Montessori pedagogy.

The strength of Public Montessori lies in its wide network of teachers, locally anchored in departmental groups (fifty now). Our association is therefore in a position to mobilise professionals that are both in a humanist perspective and in a scientific approach, in particular taking support on the psychology, the cognitive and affective sciences.

The originality of Public Montessori is to work within the national Education system and overcome the usual divisions between private and public. We are in capacity to work with actors of the private education and to develop a compromise acceptable by all.

Our consistency is to work for freedom of teaching effective for each teacher.

Also we are acting to provide quality training, to support the acquisition of equipment, to enable innovation at the level of schools complete, to accompany the teachers to change practice, to put in place a scientific assessment of the Montessori classroom, to encourage the grouping of teachers according to affinities, educational, ...

We are brought together around the values of sharing, freedom, free, excellence, commitment and cooperation in the service of the development of children.

Our independence and effectiveness depend on the commitment of each of them.

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