Cookie Policy

We use cookies (cookies) to improve and facilitate the using of our website and the making of donations. Cookies help us to identify that you are a Prizle contributor and the organization or association you support.


A cookie is a small text stored by your browser, which enables to keep datas between web pages and browsing sessions. These cookies enable Prizle to track informations about your browsing activity. They also help to understand the behavior on our website and application, in order to make your surfing experience more and more enjoyable. Cookies can only keep text, which remains confidential and often encrypted.

Cookies are essential to Prizle in order to ensure that the selected association receive the funds you raised at each online purchase. If you decide to disable or limit the receipt of cookies from our website, we cannot guarantee that you will get the most out of all the functions of the website. The security of your personal data is not affected by our use of cookies because Prizle does not store personal data in a cookie

Cookies are secure, they can only store information that is made available by the browser, information that the user has previously entered in the browser or that is included in page requests. They cannot execute code and cannot be used to access your computer. If a website encrypts information contained in a cookie, only that website will be able to read that information.

The respective cookie policies of each of our partners may influence the use of cookies:

  • to save your preferences when you are a registered User, including the association that you have chosen to support via or its application, so you do not have to select your preferences again each time you log in
  • to provide non-registered site visitors with a unique and anonymous identifier that will also enable them to obtain information and access appropriate services
  • to display amount, history of donations to the user and the association
  • to facilitate the process of redistributing the funds you raise through your online purchases to the right associations
  • to analyze the rates, quantities, and amount of donations generated per visitor for an association and try to improve the User experience
  • to ensure the online safety of our users when they use our website by preventing scams and other fraudulent activities. Disabling cookies prevents you from accessing your configuration and donation history data
  • to analyze and manage traffic to our website
  • to facilitate the management, proper functioning and availability of all services.
  • to be able to offer our users an improved service by tracking the total number of people who visit our site, as well as their browsing habits. We may also use other web analytics services, such as Google Analytics, to help us understand how the site is used. Google Analytics and other similar services use their own cookies and we only view aggregate data
  • to help us create and judge the effectiveness of our loyalty programs, personalized e-mail included
  • to help us target and analyze results, and create reports that we can share with our partners or third parties
  • All web browsers allow you to limit cookie behavior or disable cookies in browser settings or options. The steps to follow are different for each browser. Thanks to your browser, you can also view and delete cookies on your computer. Disabling cookies will affect your browsing and the security of your data on the site. If you wish to disable them, you can follow the following procedures: Firefox:; Internet Explorer:; Chrome:

Please be aware that none of the cookies we use on our website contain personal information, that they cannot be used to identify you, and that your fundraising cannot be taken into account without the use of cookies. Limiting or blocking the use of cookies can significantly reduce the number of features and services provided by and/or our partners. Currently, we are not able to offer an alternative to the use of cookies in order to use and the website's fundraising services.


There are two different types of cookies with different uses and content: temporary and persistent.

Temporary cookies contain information that is used within a single browsing session. These cookies are automatically deleted when you close your browser. Nothing is stored on your computer once you have finished browsing. Persistent cookies are used to store information that is used between visits. This data allows our site to recognize that you are a recurring visitor, and adapt accordingly by keeping your preferences (e-mail, chosen association, etc......).

Temporary cookies: uses temporary cookies to store information about the selections you make during a session, when you return to the previous page, etc. They guarantee you an improved user experience by avoiding you having to re-enter the same information on different pages. Session cookies do not store personal information and cannot identify you.

Persistent cookies: These cookies are stored on your computer once you have left our website. They allow you to be identified as a unique visitor to our website but they do not store any information that could be used to reveal your identity to another person.

These cookies are used to provide you personalized and relevant content. Please note that our partners, agents, or third parties may use other cookies related to your browsing habits on their websites (such as your researches or business information).